Terms of Reference Past President

Terms of Reference
Past President
The Past President assumes this role for a period of one year after his/her term as
President expires.
As for all Directors of the Board, the Past President shall:
Uphold and exemplify the values of Triathlon Canada;
Serve in the best interests of Triathlon Canada;
Comply with duties and responsibilities as set out in the bylaws and Canada
Not-for-profit Corporations Act or the applicable federal statute;
Ensure ethical conduct of the organization;
Be accountable for financial responsibility and viability of the organization;
Attend and actively participate in Board meetings;
Participate on a minimum of one (1) Board committee;
Contribute to articulate, advance and monitor the organization’s vision and
strategic priorities and progress; and
Perform other duties as may from time to time be prescribed by the Board.
Key Responsibilities
The Past President:
Provides leadership continuity; and
Conducts special assignments on behalf of the Board, as requested.
The Past President is a non-voting director of the Board of Directors.
Time Commitment
Two (2) to four (4) Board meetings per year, including the AGM weekend and
annual strategic planning session;
Committee meetings / conference calls (minimum of 3-4 per year per
committee), as applicable; and
Such time as required in connection with organizational leadership role.
Revised and ratified by Board of Directors: October 2013
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