Poole Site Specific Allocations and Development

Finsbury Local Plan: Matter 4 / LBI
London Borough of Islington: Independent Examination
Finsbury Local Plan: Matter 4
Council’s statement
Viability Study
The Council has submitted additional viability evidence which indicates
that it should consider amending specific site allocations to ensure that they
are deliverable in the time period identified. The Council has indicated that it
will prepare a schedule of changes to address this matter.
Consider the schedule of proposed changes, either as a group or
individually as they relate to the individual allocations considered below.
4.1.1. The council proposes to amend Policy BC8 and the related supporting text to
allow market demand analyses to be submitted in place of marketing
information in wholly exceptional circumstances, as described in the table
Policy /
Policy BC8
(Achieving a
balanced mix
of uses) Part
(A) (i)
Proposed change
“No net loss in business floorspace will be permitted, either
through change of use or redevelopment, unless exceptional
circumstances can be demonstrated, including through the
submission of clear and robust evidence related to the marketing
of vacant floorspace; and where: which shows that there is no
demand for the floorspace. This evidence must demonstrate
that the floorspace has been vacant and continuously
marketed for a period of at least two years. In wholly
exceptional cases related to site-specific circumstances,
where the vacancy period has been less than two years, a
robust market demand analysis which supplements
marketing and vacancy evidence may be considered
acceptable. In addition, the loss of business floorspace will
only be permitted where:
The proposal would not have a detrimental individual or
cumulative impact on the area’s primary business role and
would not compromise economic function/growth, or
It can be demonstrated to the council’s satisfaction that the
site is no longer suitable for the provision of similar uses.”
“For proposals which affect existing business floorspace,
evidence is required to be submitted demonstrating that the
quantity of business floorspace to be provided on site has been
maximised, in the form of a market demand assessment. Where
Finsbury Local Plan: Matter 4 / LBI
a reduction in business floorspace is proposed, evidence of
vacancy and marketing is required for a period of at least 2
years. In wholly exceptional cases, where market demand may
be affected by site-specific circumstances and the floorspace
has been vacant for less than two years, a market demand
analysis (either standalone or forming part of a viability
assessment) may be considered suitable as evidence of lack of
demand. However, this must accompany marketing and
vacancy evidence, and the applicant must agree to fund an
independent assessment of the market demand analysis.
Marketing and market demand evidence should meet the
specification provided in Appendix 11 of the Development
Management Policies. Recently demolished business floorspace
will be expected to be reprovided unless exceptional circumstances
can be demonstrated, or where reprovision would conflict with other
policies relating to design and heritage. Policy DM31 of the
Development Management Policies requires applicants to
demonstrate that marketing of vacant business floorspace has been
4.1.2. Amend two site allocations (BC41 and BC48) to provide greater flexibility on
the split of land uses to be provided, as described in the table below.
Site allocation
BC41 (Former
Petrol Station, 96100 Clerkenwell
BC48 (Angel Gate,
Goswell Road)
Proposed change to ‘Allocation and justification’
“Redevelopment of existing petrol station for
commercialemployment-led mixed use development,
potentially including an element of residential alongside smallscale offices and/or workshops.”
“Redevelopment of the site to provide predominantly office
usesfor a mix of uses, including units for small businesses. A
small element of other employment generating uses/residential
uses may also be acceptable Reprovision of the existing
quantum of business floorspace is required as part of an
overall increase in employment floorspace, alongside
residential uses.”
4.1.3. Please note that, in addition to these changes to the Finsbury Local Plan, the
council has proposed changes to the Development Management Policies to
clarify the relationship between market demand analyses, marketing evidence
and viability appraisals. Changes to Policy BC8 are also discussed under
Matter 10.1.