Greatly Reduce Your Home Utility and Maintenance Costs!

Greatly Reduce Your
Home Utility and
Maintenance Costs!
• Foam-Lok™ closed cell spray insulation provides superior energy economy and durability while
significantly reducing unmanaged moisture, outside pollutants, noise reduction and air infiltration.
Foam-Lok™ provides exceptional performance in minimizing heat transfer, moisture gain, air leakage
and improving racking strength.*
• Draft stopping – spray foam is applied to joints and other areas of the homes’ exterior envelop
to prevent airflow exchange between the inside and outside of the home as well as between floors.
• Saving on energy costs helps you and the environment.
• Exterior wall construction with 2x4 studs with 16” on center spacing allows for greater strength,
stability and energy efficiency.
• Fiberglass Batt insulation in exterior wall cavities.
• Third party blower door tests are conducted on every home to ensure that the building envelop
is sealed and exceeds current building code requirements.
• Average air leakage in a standard existing home today is 15 Air Changes per Hour (ACH).
The average new home is 7 ACH.With the LAXMax Energy Shield System*, our average is 2 ACH.
• House wrap is applied to each home Lacrosse constructs and is applied directly to the exterior
sheathing of the home. Exterior sheathing is 1/2” OSB structural panels.
• All windows are caulked, taped and flashed during the installation process.
• All windows are low E glass which reduces heat transfer and damaging ultraviolet light.
• Rinnai™ tankless hot water heaters are highly efficient due to its “on demand” capabilities.
The Rinnai use much less energy, they take up less space in the home, it provides instant hot water,
and has double the life span as a traditional water heater.*
• HVAC duct work is sealed with R-Value rated sealant which reduces leakage and improves the overall
energy efficiency of the home.
• A higher efficiency home reduces the workload on the mechanical systems
of the home which lowers maintenance and increases longevity.
*Optional feature.
MHBR# 7238