March 10, 2011 12 Noon, Room 1506

March 10, 2011
12 Noon, Room 1506
1. Meeting Minutes from February 24, 2011 distributed
2. Special Reports: No special reports
3. Project Status Update
Per the updated meeting list (Handout)
Doug reported that the President has requested an exterior esthetic improvement
project for B300/500/800/900/1000/1100. This is now listed as item 47. The idea
is to continue with the building exterior improvements consistent with
B1700/1800. Scope, cost and schedule are being developed.
Gene reported that Kari wants to review B1300 (PAC) scope and schedule as it
will impact Theater revenue.
4. Rumor Control: None shared
5. Other Matters Initiated
Scott reported that he had talked with the Technology Committee about
“wireless” and that District and College IT would be working on determining
current coverage and producing a map.
Nicole reported a series of events in Building 2200 that indicated people working
in that building were having some periodic medical issues such as headaches
that are possibly linked to the building.
Meeting started at 12:08 pm and ended at 12:36 pm.
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