Learning Tool 12
Probability, Let’s Try and See
Probability, let’s try and see,
if the outcome is what we think it will be.
In any event, there will always be some
favorable outcomes.
There are 3 black marbles, 5 blue, 2 green.
Let’s use theoretical probability.
How likely am I, to pull out a black marble,
when I reach into my marble bag?
The formula for probability of an event,
tells us the answer is 30 percent.
But there’s another method,
for us to see,
experimental probability.
Choose a marble, put it back.
Do this 10 times and with a pencil, keep track
of how many times the one you chose was black.
Put this number over 10,
and convert the fraction to percent.
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Grade 6, Ratios, Let’s Try and See
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