How OLED emits light

How OLED emits light?
Organic LEDs are brighter devices than LED or LCD. They can give clear video
pictures and pictures that can be viewed from any angle. The process of light
emission in OLED includes different stages
1. When a potential difference is applied between the anode and cathode of OLED,
current flows through the organic layer of OLED.
2. During the flow of current, cathode layer emits electrons to the emissive layer.
3. Anode then gives electrons from the conductive layer creating holes.
4. These electrons combine with the holes in junction between the emissive and
conductive layers.
5. When the electrons combine with holes, the energy of electrons is emitted as
photons. Color of the photons depends on the type of the organic material in the
emissive layer.
Light Emission in OLED