EasyWay benefits

Transforming the way you work with Euroclear
Benefits of EasyWay
• Web-based access to Euroclear
services, starting with voluntary
EasyWay is your new web-based tool for
• Connect from anywhere – EasyWay is
access to Euroclear Bank services. It offers
an online browser application so you can
you a unique level of operational control so
connect via any computer – including
you can:
mobile devices
corporate actions
• Real-time overview of your risks
• manage your risks better
• perform tasks quicker and more efficiently
Evolving with your needs
• Intuitive navigation across accounts,
balances, instructions and events
• Simple and highly secure input and
authorisation of instructions
Regular upgrades will follow, extending
What can EasyWay do
for you?
EasyWay to:
More services – completing corporate
• Minimal installation and
• Increased efficiency and
You can now use EasyWay for all your
action coverage and rolling out to
elective corporate actions activity, including
settlement, collateral management and
proxy voting and events requiring
banking services
certification. Get an instant view, per
deadline, of your uninstructed balances
More data – making your post-trade easier
and any pending instructions. This way,
by integrating EasyWay with other tools,
you greatly reduce your risk of missing a
like the Corporate Actions Database and the
deadline and incurring a financial loss.
Securities Database
EasyWay lets you move swiftly between all
More functionalities – increasing the
related data, and easily input instructions
range of actions you can take to help you
in a highly secure environment. But no
manage your workload
matter how you input your instructions – via
EUCLID, SWIFT or EasyWay – all your activity
is reflected in EasyWay in real time.
Start at your own pace
We offer flexible solutions so you can get
Contact us
Contact your Account Manager today
Keeping you connected
started at your own pace.
• Real-time monitoring – view the activity
Your current communication means with
in your accounts as it happens – check
Euroclear will remain available and can be
balances, instruction statuses and event
used in parallel with EasyWay.
to find out how you can start using
• Deadline Manager – don’t get lost in a
sea of information. Easily see what needs
your attention and navigate quickly to
take action
Post-trade made easy
“EasyWay’s smart design
allows you to instantly
see what action you
need to take and by
when, helping you to
save time and reduce
your operational risk.”
Corporate actions the EasyWay
• Deadline Manager highlights where your action
is required per deadline
• Select an amount to see a detailed breakdown
Jo Van de Velde
Head of Product Management, Euroclear Bank
• Check your Account balance in real time,
including the amount you need to instruct
• See all pending instructions linked to this
• Create an instruction
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