Position Description: Speech Therapy Coordinator Duration of Role

Position Description: Speech Therapy Coordinator
Duration of Role: April - July (4 months)
Location: Phnom Penh with travel to provinces
Funding: It is the volunteer’s responsibility to source or self-fund costs of
flights, accommodation and living expenses.
We can also give information on funds available to support this placement,
which the successful applicant can apply for.
About us
In 2013, Australian Weh Yeoh partnered with CABDICO, a local Cambodian
organisation to start the country’s first dedicated program bringing speech
therapy to Cambodia. This project is now called OIC: The Cambodia Project.
OIC refers to a moment of understanding, when something becomes clear.
Oh! I see. It makes sense now. This represents the basis of speech therapy –
communication and understanding.
Overview of the context
Many Cambodians have a communication or swallowing disorder, which has
a huge impact on their quality of life. Yet there are few services to help them.
OIC: The Cambodia Project is the first concerted effort amongst a group of
individuals hoping to change this.
What we’ve done and where we’re going
So far, we’ve run a pilot program in speech therapy in Siem Reap, the first of
its kind in Cambodia.
Following an evaluation of the pilot program at the end of 2014, the next stage
will be to expand the program to cover more provinces in Cambodia.
OIC has two broad objectives:
1 – to provide training in speech therapy services across Cambodia
2 – to graduate the first generation of Cambodian speech therapists from a
Cambodian university
The role
The Speech Therapy Coordinator will contribute to the coordination of the
technical aspects of our efforts to bring speech therapy to Cambodia.
Support is needed with:
Researching the Cambodian context and needs of people with speech
Establishing a training program that involves partner organisations
working in the field, using a culturally- and language-appropriate
Advocating for government, large institutions and donors to
understand that this is an issue worth investing in.
Coordinating existing providers and people training speech therapy in
Advocating for speech therapy among existing and potential donors
and securing funding.
Key responsibilities
Key responsibilities / objectives of this role include but are not limited to:
Translating the evaluation of the pilot program (and any other ongoing speech therapy interventions) into meaningful action for the next
phase of OIC’s project.
Compiling existing speech therapy resources and utilising these to
devise a structured training program.
Taking part in a two-day workshop with government and NGO
stakeholders to inform the direction of the training program.
Coordinating visiting speech therapy volunteers for this project.
Supporting the mapping of existing providers who see people with
communication and swallowing disorders and planning a training
program of these providers as an interim solution before the university
course is started.
Helping to set up and coordinate working groups of organisations
working in areas of speech therapy.
Helping to set up an agreement between a Cambodian university and
an Australian university, to lay the foundation for a speech therapy
About you
You are a qualified Speech Pathologist and a self-starter who can take
initiative to identify what needs to be done and do it. You are confident in
your clinical skills, and you are comfortable working in a changing
In addition you will have demonstrated:
Personal attributes:
• Self awareness and cross-cultural sensitivity
• Commitment to sharing knowledge and skills
• Flexibility and adaptability
• Resilience and ability to manage stress
Essential skills and experience:
Experience working with both adults and children with
communication and swallowing disorders
Experience teaching or developing curricula in speech therapy
Skills and experience in evaluation of speech therapy training and
intervention programs
Experience working with a wide group of stakeholders on speech
therapy before (not just technical-minded speech therapists)
Experience working with humanitarian aid organisations
Experience working in a developing country
Experience working at a university level
Proficient report writing and communication skills
You will work under the guidance of OIC’s Managing Director, Weh
You will receive technical support from the Senior Technical Advisor,
Dr Chyrisse Heine, based in Melbourne. There is also a small group of
support staff working exclusively on this project.
You will be invited to join regular staff meetings and events.
You will receive supervision and support from other staff members
and volunteers.
Additional information
The volunteer will be based in Phnom Penh, but will be required to travel to
the provinces on occasions, especially Siem Reap. Phnom Penh is a modern
city with all available amenities that someone coming from overseas could
wish for. Free wireless internet is everywhere and the mobile networks are
The Speech Therapy Coordinator will work within an office, where Internet, a
desk, phone, printer and office supplies are available. The organisation will
also provide a laptop.
The workplace is accessible for people with disabilities.
Accommodation is easy to find in Phnom Penh and travel to Siem Reap by
bus is comfortable. There are many apartments in Phnom Penh, ranging from
US$300-US$700 per month depending on location, individual or shared
How to apply
To request further information or to apply for the role please contact
Samantha Alcorn at [email protected]
Applications should include a resume and a cover letter addressing the
selection criteria.
The closing date for applications is 3 April 2015.