Step 1: Visual and Physical Inspection • Inspect the front

Step 1: Visual and Physical Inspection
 Inspect the front, from bottom to top, and move in progression around the piece visually inspecting the sides and back noting any
stains, cleaning issues, and damage on your inspection form. Check the integrity of the frame and legs. Pull off pillows and
cushions and inspect the decking. Next, thoroughly inspect pillows and cushions. If there is a zipper or other opening, inspect foam
for stains or ink "makers marks" that may have the potential to bleed during cleaning.
 Perform fiber identification tests such as a burn test or chemical ID test to determine fiber type, cleaning method, and proper
chemistry to be used. Perform colorfastness tests such as a dye-migration and crocking tests.
Step 2: Prepare Cleaning Area
 Prepare your cleaning area using a protective drop cloth to cover flooring and surrounding furniture or other items. Always place
cleaning and spotting solutions, tools that may drip, and sprayers on a small plastic tarp.
Step 3: Vacuum
 Vacuum loose soils, paying attention to transition areas where dry soil can accumulate. Use a horsehair brush to loosen soils and a
vacuum crevice tool when necessary.
Step 4: Chemical Application and Cleaning: Hot Water Extraction Method
In a small pump sprayer dilute and mix Prochem Upholstery Pre-Spray or Fine Fabric Pre-Spray according to label
directions. Cleaning Hint: For more successful cleaning results, boost your pre-spray cleaning solution with
Prochem Citrus Pro.
Dilute and mix Liquid Pro, Fine Fabric Detergent, Fine Fabric Rinse or Fine Fabric Cotton Detergent in your truckmount
chemical jug or portable solution tank.
Working in sections, apply pre-spray evenly, gently agitating pre-spray with a horsehair brush, natural sponge, or
Let the pre-spray dwell for 2-4 minutes and extract using a professional upholstery extraction tool connected to your
truckmount or portable. Immediately after extraction, groom fabric with a clean horsehair brush or towel. Next clean
any removable cushions on top of a folding table or tarp. Place cushions in an inverted "V", with a foam block or plastic
tab between the cushions to prevent them touching each other and causing possible dye migration issues.
Alternate Step 4: Chemical Application and Cleaning: Dry Foam Method
 In a plastic bucket dilute and mix Prochem Fine Fabric Shampoo or Fine Fabric Cotton Shampoo according to label
directions. Whip shampoo into a fine, dense, dry foam using a mixing tool or a natural sea sponge.
 Remove any cushions and protect or uniformly dampen and extract the decking (platform).
 Working in sections, use a natural sea sponge or horsehair brush, to gently agitate dry foam into fabric.
 Allow 6-15 minutes dwell time and dry vacuum loosened soils and residues.
 Clean any removable cushions on top of a folding table or tarp.
Step 5: Final Groom & Dry
Using a clean horsehair brush or towel, groom entire piece.
Set airmovers to gently dry cushions and upholstery.
Designed for synthetic fabrics such as nylon, polyester,
and olefin, Upholstery Pre-Spray is a blend of
detergents and solvents that will cut through tough soil,
hair and body oils, and food soils. Boost it with Citrus
Pro for an even more powerful punch!
Liquid Pro is a mild detergent product designed for
professional upholstery cleaning. Its premium
formulation and mild pH will safely and effectively
remove pre-spray and soil residues, yet will leave the
fabric soft and supple. Tough enough for commercial
upholstery, yet gentle enough for the finest microfibers.
Designed for delicate and natural fabrics such as rayon,
silk, cotton, linen, and wool, Prochem's Fine Fabric line
is the perfect choice for maximum soil removal without
damaging dyes or fibers. Specialty fabrics require
specific cleaning procedures and formulated chemistry
and the Fine Fabric line is blended with cosmetic-grade
builders, solvents, and detergents, and have received
the Wools of New Zealand's WoolSafe approval.
Fine Fabric Cotton Detergent
One-step powdered cleaning
agent is formulated for hot
water extraction of light
colored Haitian cotton, raw
cotton, or canvas.
Fine Fabric Cotton Shampoo
One-step dry foam cleaning
solution designed for light
colored Haitian cotton, raw
cotton, or canvas.
Mild alkaline cleaners
Low foaming
Commercial & residential
Household soils
Body oils & sweat
Pet oils & soils
Food soils & oils
Auto oils & greases
Fine Fabric Pre-Spray and
Fine Fabric Detergent
Powerful yet gentle, this
WoolSafe approved 2-step
hot water extraction team
of cleaners is tough enough
for heavily soiled delicate
and natural fabrics yet gentle
on dyes, fibers,
and finishes.
Fine Fabric Rinse
A WoolSafe approved acidic cleaning and rinse
solution for the most delicate dyes and fabrics.
Will leave fabrics luxuriously soft, fresh, and
minimize the possibility of soil wicking.
Fine Fabric Shampoo
A concentrated WoolSafe approved dry foam
shampoo cleaner for all colors and all delicate
and natural fabrics.