Foundation Paper Piecing

Foundation Paper Piecing
The Basic Sequence
Step 1
• Place two pieces of fabric right sides together
on the unprinted side of the paper pattern
Step 2
• Stitch on the line
Step 3
• Fold back the paper at the stitching line
Step 4
• Trim off the excess fabric leaving a ¼ inch
seam allowance
Step 5
• Fold back paper and newly added fabric to
reveal the rights sides of the fabric and press it
Step 6
• Look at the printed side of your pattern to
determine what piece goes next
Step 7
• Repeat those steps until you have added all
the pieces in numerical order then trim the
block to size
Step 8
• When you are ready to sew your quilt blocks
into a quilt top you can carefully rip off the
paper from the back.
• This can also be done after sewing the top
together if you want to use the pattern line to
ensure accuracy
The sky is the limit!