2433 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries Jane Long, MA, MLIS Reference Services

2433 Care and Prevention of
Athletic Injuries
Jane Long, MA, MLIS
Reference Services
Al Harris Library
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What Is an Abstract?
• The Merriam-Webster online dictionary provides
the following definition for the noun form of the
• “a summary of points (as of a writing) usually
presented in skeletal form; also : something that
summarizes or concentrates the essentials of a
larger thing or several things.”
• Your assignment involves summarizing and
condensing the information found in a peerreviewed article.
Finding Articles
First Step: Setting up an
EBSCO folder
Next Step
Now you are ready to save documents
as you begin searching for sources.
Keyword vs. Subject
• Natural language
(words and
phrases you would use in everyday
• Flexible terminology:
Synonyms and words with the same or
similar meanings can be substituted
(book, document, bestseller, bible, booklet, brochure,
compendium, fiction, folio, handbook, hardcover, leaflet,
manual, monograph, nonfiction, novel, paperback, primer,
publication, softcover, text, textbook, tome, tract, treatise,
volume, work, writing)
• Less accurate when
searching in article
• Use with operators (AND,
• Predetermined
terminology (created by the Library
of Congress)
• Terms like those found in
a Thesaurus (with narrower and
broader terms)
• More precise when
searching (most article databases
have there own predetermined terminology)
• AND = Narrow
• OR = Expand
(Used with synonyms)
• NOT = Exclude
Databases: Nursing & Allied Health
• SPORTDiscus with Full Text (EBSCOhost)
• MEDLINE with Full Text (EBSCOhost)
• CINAHL with Full Text (EBSCOhost)
What Do You Plan to Find?
• Use limiters: peer
reviewed, date, full text
• Use subject headings
that will refine your
• Use current information
• Narrow the number of
sources by examining
the abstract for the
• Find an article or articles that support your
• Once you have located appropriate
articles, save them in your folder.
• Look at the documentation information that
EBSCO provides.
• Check the APA citation format examples.
• Taping vs. Ankle Braces
• Hydration among Athletes
• ACL Prevalence among Female Athletes
(anterior cruciate ligament)
• Bracing for Preventive Measures
APA Citation
Example of article from an online Database
Hume, P., Hopkins, W., Rome, K. Maulder, P., Coyle, G., &
Nigg, B. (2008). Effectiveness of foot orthoses for
treatment and prevention of lower limb injuries: a review.
Sports Medicine, 38(9), 759-79. Retrieved August 18,
2009, from the SPORTDiscus database.
Author or authors. (pub year). Title of article. Title of periodical,
vol(issue), page numbers.. Retrieval Date, from Database Title.
Last Name, Initials & Last Name, Initials of each author. (pub year). Title of article. Title of Journal, vol(issue), pages.
Retrieved Date from Database.
• Contact me:
– Jane Long
• 774-3030
• [email protected]
• http://faculty.swosu.edu/jane.long/
Thank you!
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