Extra credit opportunity  Presentations on

Extra credit opportunity
 Presentations on
 a country or
 a region (even a town/city in U.S.)
 some other subject in global business
 An especially good chance to discuss
your home or your ancestors’ home
 I’ll try to schedule some as soon as
people are ready, and continue
through the term
 I had allotted some time for these the
last two sessions of the term, but better
to do them earlier
Length –
 6 to 10 minutes (individual)
 Up to 18 minutes (group)
 A country presentation can describe
 The economic environment
 How do people live?
 What is GNI per capita
 Provide both unadjusted and purchasing power
parity (PPP) adjusted statistics
 How does GNI per capita level affect life?
 The political environment
 How is the country/region governed?
 Something of the cultural environment
 You can’t summarize the culture;
just say one or two things that strike
you as important
 The country or region’s role in
international business
 What does the country or region produce?
 How important is it to people elsewhere?
 Can you tell what is likely to happen in the