Computer Training Assignment #1 ‘music education tab.

Computer Training Assignment #1
Note Recognition
1. Go to (This can be accessed through my district web page in the
‘music education tab.
2. Once at the site, pull down the tab called Trainers and select Note Trainer.
3. Click on Settings to add or remove clefs. Everyone will need to have bass and
treble clef selected. Raise and lower the notes to two (2) ledger lines above and
below each staff.
4. Complete 250 notes. Your score will continue to change as you go through the
process. You will receive FULL CREDIT for doing this assignment and turning it in
on time regardless of your computer score.
5. Turn In Options:
 Print final score sheet and have parent sign.
 Have parent email me your score.
 Have parent write score on a separate piece of paper and sign.
Good Luck!