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Biology 241 – Lecture
Chapter 11 (Muscular System)
Practice Quiz
I. Arrange the answers in their correct sequence:
_____, _____, _____ 1. Abdominal wall muscles, from superficial to deep:
A. Transversus abdominis B. External oblique
C. Internal oblique
_____, _____, _____ 2. From superior to inferior in location:
A. Sternocleidomastoid B. Biceps gastrocnemius C. Diaphragm + intercostals
II. Circle the letter preceding the one best answer to each question:
3. All of these muscles are located on the anterior of the body except the:
A. Tibialis anterior B. Rectus femoris C. Erector spinae D. Pectoralis major E. Rectus abdominis
4. All of these muscles have attachments to the os coxa except the:
A. Adductor muscles B. Biceps femoris C. Rectus femoris D. Vastus medialis
E. Latissimus dorsi
5. The masseter and temporalis muscles are used for:
A. Mastication
B. Pouting
C. Frowning
D. Depressing the tongue
6. All of these muscles are attached to the ribs except the:
A. Serratus anterior B. Intercostals
C. Trapezius
D. Erector spinae
E. External oblique
7. All of the following molecules are parts of the thin myofilaments except:
A. Actin
B. Myosin
C. Tropomyosin
D. Troponin
8. Which statement about muscle physiology in the relaxed state is FALSE?
A. ATP is bound to the myosin heads. B. Calcium ions are stored in the sarcoplasmic reticulum
C. Myosin heads are bound to actin. D. The troponin-tropomyosin complex is bound to actin.
9. Choose the one FALSE statement:
A. The hamstrings are antagonists to the quadriceps femoris.
B. The name deltoid is based on the action of that muscle.
C. The most important muscle used for normal breathing is the diaphragm.
D. The insertion end of a muscle is its attachment at the most movable site (ie, the bone that does move).
10. Choose the one FALSE statement:
A. In general, adductors (of the arm and thigh) are located more medially than laterally on the body surface.
B. Both the pectoralis major and the latissimus dorsi muscles extend the humerus.
C. Myofibers remain relaxed if there are few calcium ions in the sarcoplasm.
D. Atrophy can pertain to a decrease in muscle mass.
III. Using the blanks provided, fill-in the word or phrase that best fits the description given:
___________________________11. With respect to the upper extremities, muscles associated with the
anterior aspect are in this compartment (name of predominant movement)
while muscles associated with the posterior aspect are in this compartment.
___________________________12. This is the “kissing” or “whistling” muscle.
___________________________13. Name for the attachment of the most moveable end of a muscle; and
name for the attachment of the most stationary end of a muscle.