Stage #31 Pensum Review Packet Nōmen ______________________

Stage #31 Pensum
Nōmen ______________________
Review Packet
Diēs ________________________
Directiōnēs: Referring to salutatio II, complete the chart by indicating the speaker of each
quis dīxit?
1. “nōlī mentem tuam vexāre.”
2. “ecce! domina mea, Euphrosynē, adest.”
3. “abī, sceleste! nēmō alius hodiē admittitur.”
4. “meus dominus Haterius est, nōn Eryllus! abī!”
5. “domina mea est philosopha Graeca doctissima.”
6. “īnsānīvit igitur Chrysogonus. Odiō sunt omnēs
philosophī Hateriō.”
7. “nōbīs crās reveniendum est.”
8. “hūc missa est ā Quīntō Hateriō Chrysogonō ipsō,
Hateriī lībertō, quī Athēnīs habitat.
9. “redeundum vōbīs est Athēnās unde missī estis.”
10. “nōs decet rēs adversās aequō animō ferre.”
II. Grammar Scavenger Hunt
Referring to salutatio II, find an example of these grammatical features and indicate the
line number:
Latin text
Line Number
i. gerundive of obligation _____________________________
ii. ablative of agent
iii. purpose clause
iv. indirect command
v. ablative absolute
vi. imperative (direct command) _______________________
vii. passive voice verb (any tense) _______________________
Latin text
viii. ablative of cause
Line Number
ix. present active participle ___________________________
x. perfect active participle ____________________________
III. Ablative Absolute Composition Practice
Scribe Latine! Write the following ablative absolutes in Latin. Think about what type of
ablative absolute you have:
English Subordinate Clause
Latin Ablative Absolute
i. When the spear was thrown
2. After the house was destroyed
3. Since the temple was built
4. As the boys are running
5. After the letters were written
6. Although the men had been attacked
7. When the boy is begging
8. Since the ships were repaired
9. When the arch was set on fire
10. Since the guards are sleeping
11. After the shout was heard
12. Because the merchant was a citizen
13. Although the road was narrow
Stage 31 Test Study Guide
Nōmen _____________________
i. lege fabulam novam!
ii. English short answer comprehension questions about what happened in the story
iii. Multiple choice grammar questions about specific words/lines from the story
Questions can include: what tense, voice, mood is the verb
What type of subjunctive (result clause, purpose
clause, indirect command, etc)
What type of ablative/what type of genitive
iv. Translate Latin sentences with ablative absolutes into proper English
v. Translate ablative absolute phrases into Latin- review the types of
to use each participle/endings each participle takes, etc
-Parts four and five are the same as the ablative absolute graded practice
vi. Translate negative indirect commands and negative purpose clauses into English
vii. Short answer culture questions in English about patronage and Roman societymake sure you know all the Latin terms associated with the various social
classes, etc
viii. Identify the places labeled on a map of ancient Rome (page 224)
ex: where you would go to visit the palaces of the emperors (you would pick
the number identifying the Palatine Hill)