Lesson 1 Weekly Study Guide Arthur’s Reading Race

Lesson 1
Weekly Study Guide
Arthur’s Reading Race
Reading Skill: Identify and Describe
Characters in a Story
Writing Skill: Capitals and Ending Punctuation
Sentence Subject/Predicate
~Story Vocabulary Words and Definitions~
already- happened before you knew it
prove- to show you can do it; something is true
sign- gives information
police- community workers who enforce laws and help others
spy- to see
buy- to get using money
know- to understand
read- to recognize and understand words
eat- to put food in mouth
money- coins, paper bills
eight- number after seven
learned- to understand what has been taught
~Robust Vocabulary Words and Definitions~
dangerous- not safe
style- the way that you do something
ignore- to not listen on purpose
passion- to do something with energy
challenge- hard to do
underestimate- thought it was easier than it really is
proficient- good at something
heed- listen to a warning