All About Plants

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All About Plants
 Review the Lesson Summaries from your science folder.
 Review the vocabulary words and facts from this study guide.
Vocabulary Words
Nutrients- materials that living things need to live and grow
Roots – hold a plant in place and take water and nutrients to the
Stem – carries water and nutrients to the leaves
Leaves- use sunlight, water, air and nutrients to
make food for the plant
Flower- part of the plant that makes seeds
Environment- everything that surrounds a living thing
Adapt- to change
their environment
Plants are adapted to live in
Prairie- flat land with lots of grass and few trees
Many prairies have hot summers with little rain.
Woodland- area with many types of trees and plants
Pennsylvania has many large woodland areas.
Desert- a very dry environment
with little rain
The saguaro cactus lives in the desert and holds
water in it stem.
Marsh- an environment that is very wet and soil may
not have nutrients that plants need.