12 IB Language SL Summer Reading Assignment

12 IB Language SL Summer Reading Assignment
Read and annotate the listed novel. Your novel annotations will be checked the first class back at school,
and you will be tested on the novel the first week of school:
1984 by George Orwell
Annotating simply means taking notes about what you read, while you read it. There are many reasons
to annotate, but two of the most important reason are keeping track of what is where in any given work
and interacting with the text. All of the works you encounter in the IB English curriculum interrelated –
you will encounter these texts again later in the program. The works you will read and the level at which
you will find yourself analyzing them demands more than simply understanding words; you will need to
be able to draw upon the texts to create meaningful appraisals.
Annotating can be a bit frustrating at first because it is not always clear just what is important (or not) in
a given work, but with practice and experience in the art of reading closely, you will develop the skills
needed. Try your best to annotate the summer readings with an eye to:
different meanings of words or phrases
recurring images and concepts
shifts in tone and setting
possible themes