The Sound and the Fury Annotating

The Sound and the Fury
When annotating the text, please pay specific attention to the following:
Terms (most are from L to J) – define below and keep with you
1. Narrative Voice or Point of View
2. Structure
3. Time
4. Symbolism
5. Allegory
6. Allusion
7. Colloquialism
8. Slang
9. Metaphor (extended)
10. Irony
11. Flashback
12. In medias res
13. Juxtaposition
14. Paradox
15. Spatial Order
16. Cadence
17. Climax
18. Connotation
19. Verisimilitude
20. Audience
21. Common Knowledge
22. Occasion
23. Stream of Consciousness
24. Unreliable narrator
25. Synesthesia
Also, annotate for the following themes:
1. Decline of the South
2. Morality
3. Sin and Redemption
4. Nature and Human Existence
5. Race/Class Consciousness
6. Family Honor
7. Feminine Virtue
8. Social Acceptability
9. Life’s Perceived Order
10. Elements of Time
Please do not over think annotation. Get the words above in your head before you start
reading, and annotate as you go! Do not go back just to annotate. If you are rereading, it
should be because you don’t understand something. It’s a habit you will learn (you sort
of have to!) so start at the beginning.