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Marketing Principles
South Forsyth High School
Instructor: Mrs. Katie Urbanovitch
Room #: 210
Phone #:
770-781-2264 ext. 100210
Course Description: Marketing Principles is the foundational course for all pathways in Marketing Education.
Marketing Principles addresses all the ways in which marketing satisfies consumer and business needs and wants for
products and services. Students develop an understanding of the functions of marketing and how these functional areas
affect all businesses. They learn basic marketing concepts and the role of marketing in our economy. Students also
develop skills in applying economic concepts to marketing, distribution and logistics, marketing information management,
finance in marketing, product/service planning, pricing mixes, promotional strategies, and personal selling.
Units of Instruction: Georgia performance standards can be found at:
1. The World of Marketing & Presentation Skills
2. Marketing Segmentation & The Marketing Plan
3. Promotional Concepts
4. Advertising
5. Selling
Learning Resources/Text: Marketing Essentials,
McGraw-Hill-Glencoe 2012-Replacement cost-$49.
Marketing Research
Product Service Management
Grading Calculations:
1ST & 2ND Semester Course Work = 75% Summative + 25% Formative
Course Average = 50% (1st Sem. Course Work) + 50% (2nd Sem. Course Work)
A = 90 – 100
B = 80 – 89
C = 70 – 79
Failing = Below 70
Concept of formative assessment:
*Formative Assessments include, but are not limited to homework, class work, practice tests, rough drafts, and sections of projects/
research papers/presentations.
*Summative Assessments include, but are not limited to unit tests, final projects, final essays, final research papers, and final
Classroom Expectations and Procedures: In addition to the SFHS rules stated in the student handbook, I have
the following expectations of all students in my class.
Be in your seat with your binder and journal when the bell rings. (Begin working on word of the day.)
At the end of each class: straighten work area, return supplies, stay in your seat until bell rings, and push in your
Show determination and quality work on every assignment.
Swearing and derogatory remarks have no place in the classroom and they will not be tolerated.
Adhere to SFHS cell phone and digital device policy. Any cell phone used in the classroom will need to be
placed in the cell phone bowl until the end of the class period.
PARTICIPATE. You should be prepared for class and ready to discuss the day’s topics. Sleeping in class is not
The dress code will be enforced. Hats may not be worn in the classroom.
You may leave the classroom only with teacher permission. You should have the destination and time filled in
your agenda before asking the teacher to sign. You must sign out on the clip board by the door.
You must be on time to class. If you are tardy you must sign in on the tardy clipboard. You are then responsible
for filling out your own detention slip. You will receive a teacher detention for ALL tardies after your first
As in the business world, late work will be accepted, but a 10% penalty will be assessed for each day work is late.
For example if a project is turned in 3 days late, then a 30% deduction will be “charged” to your grade.
Show respect all times to yourself, your teacher, and your classmates. If we all practice courtesy,
consideration, and cooperation, we will have a classroom environment conducive to learning. Disruption of that
environment will result in detention or being asked to leave the classroom.
Classroom Accountability:
The following consequences are in place for when students violate classroom expectations:
1. Verbal Warning
2. Student Teacher Conference/ Detention
3. Call to Parent/Alternate Assignments/ Administrative Detention
5. Referral to an Administrator
** The teacher has the authority to change the steps of accountability and discipline.**
Availability for Extra Help: I am available for help Mondays-Thursdays at 7:45am. Students can schedule an
appointment for extra help at any of these times. If these times do not work for the student, we can schedule
another time.
Absences and Tardies: It is difficult to support your learning when you are not present in class. Course subjects can
only be effectively learned when you are in class on a regular basis. However, I understand that illness and such can keep
you away from school. Unexcused absences and tardies will be handled in accordance with established SFHS policies.
Make-Up Work: For daily regular assignments (other than projects), the student has five school days upon returning to
school to complete make-up work. I will not pursue you about your missed work nor will I remind you of what is due. It is
your responsibility to consult with a classmate to determine what you have missed and check the class folder for any
handouts. For assignments that must be made up at school, contact me to make an appointment before or after school
within 5 school days of your absence.
Urban Points: Points can be earned for classroom participation, DECA involvement, and superior classroom
performance. Points can be lost for disruptive classroom behavior. Points can be redeemed for current event passes and
summative points
Current Event Pass = 8 pts.
1 Summative Point = 2 Urban Points
Current Events: Current Events will be due every other Friday. Students must read an article related to marketing and
write two paragraphs summarizing the article and one paragraph explaining how the article relates to marketing.
Required Supplies: 1 half inch, hard cover, three-ring binder with 5 dividers labeled: Words of the Day,
Vocabulary, Notes, New Product Friday, and Current Events, your class’s required supply (see below), and pens.
Your binder and will stay in the classroom most days. Since you will be able to keep your binder in my classroom I
require a specific color for each class to keep the binders organized. 5th period: black, 6th period: blue, 7th period:
Class Required Supplies: 5th period: at least 1 roll of tape (scotch tape or blue painters tape), 6th period: 1 package of
construction paper or colored computer paper, 7th period: 1 package of glue sticks
Required classroom supply will be kept in the classroom and shared by all students.
Other Wish List classroom Items: Kleenex, Lollipops (to use for classroom rewards), pencil sharpeners, sharpies, extra
colored paper
DECA: All students are strongly encouraged to join DECA, an international association for students interested in
marketing. DECA is co–curricular, meaning its mission is to enhance the education of marketing students and to provide
opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom. Participation in DECA helps build self–esteem
as well as marketing competence through competitive events at the local, state, and international levels. Students will also
develop leadership skills and participate in community service projects. Dues are $20.00 and include local, state, and
national membership.
The four points of the DECA Diamond describe areas of activity and
learning that define a complete DECA program: Civic Consciousness,
Leadership Development, Social Intelligence, and Vocational Understanding.
*SFHS DECA is the Largest DECA chapter in the world.*
My Commitment to You: I pledge to do everything I can to help you get the most out of this class. Your
comments and suggestions are always welcome. Please feel free to let me know when you need extra help and how we
can work together to make this class applicable to your future. I sincerely look forward to working with you.
*The class instructor holds the right to change the syllabus at any time.***
I have received Mrs. Urbanovitch’s Marketing Principles Syllabus, and I understand and agree to the
requirements therein.
Student signature_________________________________________________________ Date________________
Parent signature ________________________________________________________ Date ________________
Parent/Guardian Name(s): ______________________________________________________________________________________
E-mail Address: _________________________________________________ Home Phone #: ________________________________
Cell Phone#: ______________________________________ The best time to reach me is: ___________________________________
________I am interested in volunteering with classroom or DECA activities.
________I work in the marketing field and would consider talking to the class about my job or area of expertise. If yes, please specify
the type of work you do:
Return your signed syllabus on Monday, August 11, 2014.
The syllabus should be your first page in your marketing notebook.