Chapter 3 Homework: Name:__________________________________________________

Chapter 3 Homework:
Use the best answer. Some answers may have been discussed before chapter 3.
1. A ______________________________ is a data link layer network device that learns MAC
addresses of devices in order to segment traffic.
2. The Transport layer divides sending data into ________________________________ and
reassembles the received data.
3. If the MAC address of a NIC is 2C-B0-5D-3B-A5-33, the NIC brand/vendor is
4. IPv6 has a _________________________________ bit IP address.
5. The TCP/IP model has ___________________________________ layers.
6. _______________________________ resolves IP addresses to Media Access Control (MAC)
7. What is the primary channel access method supported by the 802.11 standards? ________________
8. A ___________________________ is a hardware (or software) device that enforces your network
security policies.
9. A _____________________ connects two LANs (or subnets) together and has the intelligence to pass
traffic between subnets but only when the traffic is designated for the other subnet.
10. A ____________________ is in common use today in Internet service provider (ISP) connections to
the Internet and has a transmission rate 1.544 Mbps.
11. The mode of data transmission that can send data both ways but only one way at a time is
12. What is meant by a connectionless protocol?