Project Assignment 1

Project Assignment 1
 Write a two page project proposal/description in the following format:
Name of the project. ( Beer distributor )Name of the students in
the group.
The domain of your database application.( Geek Squad Beer)
What are the application specifications (i.e., what functionality
will your completed system provide)?
- Shipping, different kinds of beer, customer, employee,
departments, prices
What aspects of the application will your system model? What
will your system not model?
-Distributing of the beer, all the employee information, the
different departments, where the beer is from.
What is the role of each project member in the project?
What other "value-added" facilities could your system support
(but that you will not build explicitly)? The goal is for us to
mutually agree on a project that is feasible over the course of one
-past product bought
Frequently Asked Questions
 What do you mean by the "domain" of an application?
Answer: Just write a one sentence description of the overall context or
situation that your application is a part of. For example, if you decide to
work on a books database, you may describe your domain as "the books
available at a library" or "the books sold by a bookstore."
 Since this is a preliminary project proposal, how can we be sure what
the role of each project member will be? How detailed should we get into
this in our writeup?
Answer: You don't have to "commit" to anything now; what we are
looking for in this question is to see if any of the group members brings
special talents/experiences to bear upon the project. For example, if you
are building a botanical database and there is a student from the biology
department in your group, (s)he can help identify bad design choices
from a biology point of view. If one of you has experience in web-based
software development, then that would be a good thing to mention.
 Do we have to create a database schema for our application?
Answer: No. We just need an English document that says what you will
do and some details of what the functionality of the final system is. You
will have ample opportunity to create schemas and juicy things like that
later on in the semester!
 Can you explain what you mean by "value-added facilities"?
Answer: For example, in the books domain, such a facility could be a
"recommender system" that makes selections of books for potential
customers based on buying trends. In other words, the recommender
system is a facility that will be enabled by the presence of a database
system. This question is intended to set you thinking in larger-scope,
out-of-the-box, and if you can explain potential advantages of databases
from a user point of view. One way to do that is for you to think of what
kinds of applications that a DB can "enable".
 In the part, "what will be modelled (and what will not)", what do you
expect us to write?
Answer: For example, in the books domain, you can write something
like "We will model books, authors, publishers, and printers" but not
"reviews, bookstores and sales figures" so that all of us are clear on what
will be the final outcome.