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Equipment used in Brewing Industry- Magdalene. S

Equipment used in Brewing Industry
Innovative, oil-free compressors
Atlas This compressor promises sanitary air.
Contamination is the beer killer. Bacteria, wild yeasts, unsanitary equipment, tainted
raw materials — contaminants will produce off-flavors, acids, undesirable aromas, hazy
beers and weird films. Atlas Copco isn’t about to add to the challenges of keeping a
brewhouse clean. In fact, the machine innovator has come up with a pretty cool clean
solution. Meet the Atlas Copco SF Oil-Free Scroll Compressor. It’s an intelligently
designed machine that allows for multiple configurations to fit within any brewing
arrangement. While it’s energy efficient and quiet, its best feature may be that it is oilfree. No oil in your air stream means no risk or potential for contamination. No one likes
wasted beer, and no one likes oil in their beer. Wanna go greener? With outlet
pressures to 145 psi, the SF Oil-Free Scrolls are also great solutions to feed Atlas Copco
NGP Nitrogen Generator.
Use nitrogen to create quality and rigidity:
NITRO! Are you confident enough to wield its power? We know that crazed look in your
eyes. Yes, you’re clearly quite ready. Well, we bestow the power of nitro into your
hands, but it’s probably not exactly what you’re thinking. This nitrogen is being used to
control beer quality and add rigidity to beer containers. We believe this futuristic device
is made by Chart Industries and goes by the name of the UltraDoser Liquid Nitrogen
(LN2) Dosing System. The UltraDoser dispenses a precise dose of LN2 into every
container every time just before the can or bottle is sealed. Because the LN2 displaces
the oxygen from the headspace of the container, the beer maintains its integrity longer.
The extended shelf life helps breweries distribute their beer over a wider geographical
range. The dosed cans also become more rigid. They are able to be stacked and require
less storage space in the brewery. Less storage space means more space designated for
beer making. And (yep), UltraDoser can be used by brewers to offer a variety of beer
styles, including those profit-producing Nitro beers, without having to use widgets or
specialized cans
The portable clean machine:
Quality control can be a difficult learning curve for small brewhouses. In fact, it can
make or break a brand, which is why keeping your processes and equipment clean is
imperative. Luckily, the engineers at Sani-Matic are here to help. These guys and gals
are experts at sanitary process cleaning systems and components for beverage, food
and pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide. Take a gander at its Sani-Matic portable
COP/CIP System — it’s an awesome, economical option for smaller breweries seeking a
safe and sanitary process. The COP/CIP System serves as both a clean-out-of-place (COP)
immersion parts washer, intended to clean parts removed from process equipment and
as a portable clean-in-place (CIP) system ideal for the periodic cleaning of lines, tanks,
fermenters and lauter tuns. The washer’s dual compartments provide both a CIP wash
and CIP rinse supply reservoir that allows for once-through use or recirculation
A complete mash preparation system
Crushing the competition, along with various malts and grains.
The MILLSTAR is more than just a mill. I mean, it’s ALL CAPS. That’s how badass it is.
GEA‘s MILLSTAR is a complete mash preparation system based on steeping conditioned
milling technology that — when compared to conventional dry milling systems —
“crushes” the competition. The MILLSTAR enables higher lauter tun loading while
maintaining the uppermost extract yields. Brewers see faster run-off times with
improved wort quality, increased flavor stability by eliminating oxygen uptake and a
significantly reduced brewery footprint (we love the size). The package includes a malt
hopper sized for a complete brew, brew water temperature and flow control
equipment, a conditioning chute to increase humidity, the mill itself (with heavy-duty
crushing rollers) and the hopper