CS 411W - Computer Based Productivity II Paper Requirements (Individual Assignment)

CS 411W - Computer Based Productivity II
Lab II – Product/Prototype Specification
Paper Requirements (Individual Assignment)
Prepare a Draft Product/Prototype Specification that defines the physical and
functional characteristics of your product prototype. The information included
should be organized and presented in sufficient detail to accomplish the following:
Define the physical architecture of the prototype
Define the functional architecture of the prototype
Define any external interfaces (including simulated interfaces)
Define the performance characteristics of each functional area
Define the User Interface (general screen formats, input methods/formats,
The paper should be organized in a manner similar to examples provided. The
information contained in this specification will ultimately establish the test and
acceptance criteria for your prototype demonstration as well as the basis for a
user’s manual. Therefore, it must be sufficiently detailed to establish testable
performance parameters for each functional characteristic of the prototype.
Your paper should be typed and double spaced. You should use a font size that is no
greater than 12 pts. Your paper's margins should be no greater than 1 inch right
and left, top and bottom.
Grading Criteria (10% of Overall Grade)
Your paper will be graded on the following factors (weighted as indicated):
Document organization (10%)
Detail and completeness of information provided (40%)
Effective use of drawings, tables and illustrations (10%)
Functional description and definition of performance parameters (25%)
User Interface description (5%)
Quality of the overall document (10%)
You will receive a grammar grade as well