CS 411W - Computer Based Productivity II Paper Requirements (Individual Assignment)

CS 411W - Computer Based Productivity II
Lab III – Product/Prototype Test Plan/Procedure
Paper Requirements (Individual Assignment)
Prepare a Draft Product/Prototype Test Plan and Procedure that will establish the
tests to be performed to demonstrate your prototype, provides detailed procedures
to be followed for executing each test, identifies pass/fail criteria and outlines the
resources required to support the demonstration (including equipment, personnel,
etc.). This information should be organized in a manner which first establishes the
overall testing concept (or Plan), then provides the detailed procedures for each test
(Test Cases). The tests must be traceable to the functional and performance
requirements of your prototype (Traceability Matrix).
The paper should be organized in a manner similar to the Lab III Testing
Document Template and examples provided. The information contained in this
document will ultimately establish the team roles and sequence of events for your
prototype. Therefore, it must be sufficiently detailed to demonstrate the capabilities
and performance of each functional characteristic of the prototype.
Your paper should be typed and double spaced and submitted in a folder that has
your name and student ID# on it. You should use a font size that is no greater than
12 pts. Your paper's margins should be no greater than 1 inch right and left, top
and bottom.
Grading Criteria (10% of Overall Grade)
Your paper will be graded on the following factors (weighted as indicated):
Document organization (10%)
Overall plan for conducting the tests (20%)
Detail and traceability of test cases (40%)
Format and Accuracy of Traceability Matrix/Matrices (10%)
Proper English grammar and sentence structure (10%)
Quality of the overall document (10%)