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The “free market” system favors big businesses
over workers and small, family farmers.
(NAFTA has had devastating effects on
Mexican farmers, for example, given huge farm
subsidies in the US.)
In the “free market,” producers are especially
vulnerable to commodity price fluctuations.
The “free trade” model can have devastating
environmental effects. (Free trade agreements
do not require adoption of internationally
recognized environmental standards.)
Paying a fair wage in the local context
Offering employees opportunities for
Providing equal employment opportunities
for all people
Engaging in environmentally sustainable
Being open to public accountability
Building long-term trade relationships
Providing healthy and safe work conditions
within the local context
Providing financial and technical assistance
to producers whenever possible
Ensuring there is no abuse of child labor
Farmers are encouraged to use
environmentally friendly practices to
preserve the health of the soil, air,
water, and workers in the field
Certification ensures that farmers obey
all internally monitored environmental
Financial incentives encourage organic
conversion, reforestation, water
conservation, and environmental education.