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Name:_________________________ Date: ____________Period:_____
Agenda Week of 14 Feb – 18 Feb 2011 Unit 4 Genetics Exam 2/18/11
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Monday 2/14/11
Chapter 15 Natural
HW: Portfolio
Tuesday 2/15/11
- Genetics Film - Review
HW: Study for EXAM
Wednesday 2/16/11 –
Late Start
- Jeopardy – ppt Review
Thursday 2/17/11 –
- Jeopardy – ppt Review
HW: Study for EXAM
Friday 2/18/11 –
- EXAM - Genetics
HW: Mississippi Practice Test
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Practice Questions
Some weed killers, insecticides, and food additives alter the DNA of certain
cells. Because of this effect, these substances are known as
1 auxins
3 meristems
2 mutagens
4 autosomes
Which reproductive process may be used in agriculture to maintain desirable
mutations in plants?
1 cross-pollination
2 oogenesis
3 stem grafting
4 external fertilization
In a certain species of mouse, gray fur (G) is dominant over cream-colored fur
(g). If a homozygous gray mouse is crossed with a cream colored mouse, the
genotype of the F1 generation will most likely be
(1) 100% Gg
(2) 50% GG and 50% gg
(3) 25% GG, 50% Gg, and 25% gg
(4) 75% Gg and 25% gg
Which diagram correctly illustrates the fusion of normal gametes that will
most likely produce a human female?
According to Mendel’s law of segregation, which of the following statements
describes what happens to the alleles of a gene pair?
A. The alleles are moved to different chromosomes.
B. The alleles are mutated in the process of mitosis.
C. The alleles are separated during fertilization.
D. The alleles are separated during gamete formation.
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Bell Ringers: Week of 2 Mar – 6 Mar 2011
Monday A type of cloning occurs in many plants. In this process new plants grow from a piece of the parent plant.
Strawberries reproduce this way from runners. African violets can be grown from a leaf. Pieces of potato tuber
can be used to grow new potato plants, as shown
below. The method of producing plant offspring shown
in the diagram depends on which process?
mutation during natural selection
mitosis during asexual reproduction
self-pollination during regeneration
meiosis during sexual reproduction
Tuesday Which
of these is most likely to result from the processes of mutation and crossing over during reproduction?
offspring that are genetically identical to their parents
offspring that are genetically identical to each other
decreased genetic variation among offspring
increased genetic variation among offspring.
Wednesday –
People who are tune deaf are unable to follow a rhythm. Scientists have evidence that tune deafness can be
genetic. The pedigree below traces the inheritance of tune deafness in a family. Individuals in the pedigree are
numbered. Scientists have analyzed the inheritance patterns for tune
deafness and have concluded that tune deafness is caused by an
autosomal dominant allele, T.
Provide evidence from the pedigree that conclusively
determines whether or not that the tune deafness allele is
autosomal dominant, not autosomal recessive
b. Identify the genotypes of individuals 5 and 6, and then draw
the Punnett square for the cross of these two individuals.
c. Compare the expected percentage of each phenotype of the
offspring from the cross in part (b) with the actual percentage of
each phenotype observed in the children of individuals 5 and 6.
Shelly and Jason are siblings, but Shelly looks like their father while Jason looks like their mother. Which of the
following statements best explains the difference in Shelly’s and Jason’s features?
A. Shelly inherited a greater number of chromosomes from their father than Jason did.
B. Shelly inherited a smaller number of X chromosomes from their mother than Jason did.
C. Shelly and Jason had different mutations occur in the 46 chromosomes they inherited from their mother and
D. Shelly and Jason inherited different combinations of 23 chromosomes from their mother and 23 chromosomes
from their father.
Friday - EXAM
During the fall reproductive season, the
belly of a male brook trout becomes bright
orange. The orange belly provides some
camouflage and helps attract females.
This trait evolved in brook trout
because, compared to males with pale
bellies, males with bright orange bellies are
more likely to
A. live in good habitats.
B. be eaten by predators.
C. mate with other species of fi sh.
D. fertilize eggs to produce offspring.
There are two types of modern whales:
toothed whales and baleen whales. Baleen whales filter plankton from the water using baleen, plates
made of fibrous proteins that grow from the roof of their mouths. The embryos of baleen whales have
teeth in their upper jaws. As the embryos develop, the teeth are replaced with baleen.
Which of the following conclusions is best supported by this information?
A. Primitive whales had teeth as adults.
B. Toothed whales descended from baleen whales.
C. Baleen whales are evolving into toothed whales.
D. Descendants of modern baleen whales will have both teeth and baleen as adults.