Soal Pertemuan 2 Writing 3

Soal Pertemuan 2
Writing 3
Read the following paragraph and answer the questions:
(1) Whales, one of nature's largest mammals, can be divided into two categories.
(2) Baleen whales are one kind of whale. (3) Baleen whales have a type of keratin called
baleen that hangs in their mouths and sifts food from the ocean waters. (4) Baleen whales
can consume up to 9,000 pounds of fish a day. (5) The toothed whale is the other type of
whale. (6) The toothed whales have teeth instead of baleen. (7) They gnaw and chew on
their meals. (8) Like the baleen whales, the toothed whales consume large portions of
food each day. (9) Though many varieties of whales exist in our oceans, they are all
categorized according to whether they have baleen or teeth inside their gigantic mouths.
1. Which is the topic sentence? Is it an effective topic sentence? Why or why not?
2. Which sentence is the concluding sentence?
3. Write a paragraph of 7-9 sentences about an animal that you know of.