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Name:___________________________________ Date:_______________ Period:_________
Vocabulary Background
The process of _________________ has been used
Fermentation (process) by humans to produce many produces such as breads,
Ferment (verb)
alcohols, yogurts, and _____________.
Enzyme (noun)
Aerobic (adjective)
Anaerobic (adjective)
Glucose (noun)
Enzymes are made of ________________ that have
______________ where substrates bind to increase
the rate at which ______________ occur and
______________ are produced.
Respiration that requires oxygen is called ________.
In humans, our lungs absorb ________ in the aveloi
little sac-like structures in direct contact with blood
cells that carry oxygen to every ______ in our body.
When _____________ is not present cells are still
able to convert glucose into useable energy in the
__________________ not ________________.
Plants produce _____________ using the process of
_________________. Plant and animal cell use
____________ to produce useable cell energy ____.
Concentration (noun)
Concentrate (verb)
All of the reactions that involve _____________ are
called metabolic. When the reactions are involved in
synthesis the reactions are _____________. When
the reactions are involved in breakdown the reactions
are _________________.
When we _______________ food we are eating
food. In order for _________________ to survive
they must consume other organisms. However,
______________ make their own food using solar
energy and the process of ___________________.
Having more means high _________________.
Concentration is a major factor of diffusion when
moving from __________ to low concentration.
Suspension (noun)
Suspend (verb)
When particles are in suspension the particles are not
at the bottom of the container but ____________
in solution.
Metabolic (adjective)
Metabolism (noun)
Consume (verb)
Consumption (noun)
pH (noun)
A measure of the ______________ concentration is
pH. When there is ___________ hydrogen ion (H+)
concentration the solution is called __________.
When there is __________ concentration of
hydrogen ions the solution is called ___________ or