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Pr: Fink
Date: 03/24/04
Madiara Bane
Eng 101
Essay I
“The technology is liberating our individual and collective creative
visions”(Katz 88). Not only do many people, like Katz, support the idea that
Internet has revolutionized the world, but they also emphasize that it did open a
huge door for freedom and relief. On the other hand, there those who argue that
the cyber-space swells up some negative aspects in the society. They deplore its
serious danger in the educational and cultural system. Certainly, Internet has
facilitated a lot people’s progress in many fields, but it has brought incredible
social problems.
Just as earlier inventions such as telephone and television did, the
Internet has really changed people’s lives. ‘’The millions are telling their stories
directly to one another” (Katz 88). Katz supports that this new technology opens
the door not only for people who tell or write stories such as writers, but also
those who did not have the chance to share their owns with the others. Despite
the fact that people live culturally and geographically different, they are
interacting directly through the Net. In addition, people are sharing ideas, feelings
from all around the world. Hence, communication is increasingly growing up and
becoming more efficient. Today, the cyber-tales gives the communicators who do
not have enough money to become even their own producers, agents, editors,
and audiences. By saying, “many are talking to many”(88), Katz reiterates the
diversity of the audience in these days.
Because the cyber net is the easiest and the most accessible, many
people tell their stories in the way they feel without any editorial norms. Even,
they can go so far to think that they are artists. ‘’ The stories are told, not
written”(Katz 89). This explains clearly that people share their daily lives on line
and become memberships of a circle regrouping men and women who have the
same ideology. By the way they will be sharing ideas and giving outlook to each
other. This really excites people and keeps them addicted on line. Of course, the
Internet helps the world to succeed in communicating easily. In fact, people have
done significant progress in sharing ideas directly to one another. But it does
create some issues that need to be reviewed and discussed.
Conversely, some people point out the impact that internet has on the
education and the cultures. However, we all know that it does open a lot of
opportunities for people to get information. For instance, any can stay home, buy
or sell from all over the world through the Net. This improves and performs the
business market as well as the telecommunication area. Unfortunately, the cyber
net is uncontrolled and unprotected. No one can create his/her own website and
posts any things. There is a bunch of junk information through the internet. That
is the reason why the education is really affected in some ways. Sometimes,
teenagers are not aware of the danger of surfing websites that can mislead them
or teach them wrong. Because they are not mature, boys and girls can learn very
early things like sexuality, drugs and so on. Therefore, young people can became
addicted and spend many hours surfing or chatting with unknown people through
the Net. Moreover, kids can have an aversion to study and move toward a wrong
way. If people were aware of the internet impact on younger ages, they would
restrict and protect it.
No sooner has the net started than social norms and values have
seriously been affected. In the past, people did not discuss or expose subjects
related to taboo things while the new generation pulls out everything. Beside that
internet has increased unfair act in the society. For instance, many people were
victim of being charged items they did not order. Since using credit card through
the net stared many people have been charged a lot of money unfairly. Another
aspect which is apparent these days is the acculturation of societies.
communicating to the others, people changed view and behavior, even if it will
alienate them in their own society. Topics such as gay marriage are becoming
common in all around the world.
Undoubtedly, internet has changed positively people’s lives by giving
opportunity to share their own stories with the world. But it has raised some
negative aspects in the education and the ethic of the society that really need to