802c PAR discussion Glenn Parsons 802.1 chair

802c PAR discussion
Glenn Parsons
802.1 chair
Introductory remarks
• Background: potential issue regarding the
P802c draft PAR scope restricting MAC address
privacy approaches.
• Purpose: facilitate technical discussion across
802 WGs, increase understanding of potential
issues and to build consensus on solutions
This meeting
• Is a discussion on the precirculated PAR & CSD
– With a goal to inform 802 WG members
commenting on the PAR & CSD
• It is not
– A tutorial
– A call for interest
– An opportunity for any WG votes or motions
• Presentations – 30 minutes
– "Background Material," Pat Thaler, Broadcom.
– "Some Things are Better Left Unmanaged," Dan Harkins,
Aruba Networks.
– "IEEE 802 Privacy ECSG Summary of Concerns," Juan Carlos
Zuniga, InterDigital.
– "Zonal Address Partitioning in the Local Space" Roger
Marks,EthAirNet Associates.
– "Motivations for CID creation and encouragement for use
of local addresses," Bob Grow
– "Privacy in DSRC V2X communication," John Kenney,
• Discussion – 30 minutes