McGill University School of Physical Therapy A clinical supervisor must:

McGill University
School of Physical Therapy
Requirements for Clinical Supervisors
A clinical supervisor must:
1. Be a physical therapist member of the «Ordre de la physiothérapie
du Québec » (OPPQ).
2. Have a minimum of one year of experience in physical therapy.
3. Provide an executive summary of their CV (i.e.: attach to NACEP
4. Provide clinical experiences that support and re-enforce the
objectives, values and beliefs of the McGill physiotherapy program.
5. Participate in continuing education offered at the School, such as the
Spring Clinical Day and Web Searching and new supervisors’
6. Offer clinical supervision experiences that are congruent with the
four levels of clinical objectives of the clinical program.
7. Be familiar with the Clinical Performance Instrument (CPI) and
Guidelines documents.
8. Provide a rich experience to students while ensuring high quality
client-centered care.
9. Supervise at least one student per year
10. Demonstrate an interest in clinical education
Liliane Asseraf-Pasin, ACCE
Revised September 2009