Estimation Helper Answers to Time Estimates:

Estimation Helper
• One million = 2 gray buckets
• One billion = 2,000 gray buckets
Answers to Time Estimates:
• Humans on Earth – 3.8 million years
– A little under 8 buckets
• Dinosaurs on Earth – 250 million years
– 500 buckets
• Earth’s existence – 4.5 billion years
– 9000 buckets
What would a Billion Look Like?
The Size of a Box
of Copier Paper
As of August 07, this was spent on
recovery for Katrina.
60 Feet high, 150 feet long, 62.5 feet
This would cover a football field and
cover the players 55 feet deep.
The amount , $87 Billion, was
requested in 03 for supplemental war
This is the amount of the proposed
Economic Stimulus Rebate.
The amount requested in August 07
for supplemental war funding.
The amount of trade between the US
& China in 2007
Wal-Mart’s 2006 sales exceeded this,
with a profit of $11 Billion.
How small is a Nanometer?
Universcale by Nikon