Kumble Subbaswamy: “I think Lexington is outstanding, and to have a world
class university in a community like that is a dream come true for anyone who
wants to be in the academy.”
Dr. Everett McCorvey: “You actually gain in so many ways by being here
Dr. Sharon Walsh: The population here is very educated and is actually very
Dr. Daniel Smith: “Part of it is about ethnicity, part of it is the rich cultural
Dr. Everett McCorvey: “You have a very cultured society here in Lexington that
appreciates the arts and that supports the arts.”
Dr. Sharon Walsh: “Having come from big, eastern sea port cities we have
everything in Lexington that you really could want .”
Dr. Linda McDaniel: “I literally could spend a weekend and go to horse races, go
to the opera, go to one of my kids concerts, go to an art show. “
Arturo Sandoval: “From music, the dance, the performance everything, visual
arts, it’s all there.”
Tony Hardin: “Lexington Children's Theatre is one of the top children's theatres in
the country.”
Dr. Linda McDaniel: “All my children are musical, and the musical opportunities
here for children, I don't know any other place like it.“
Dr. David Moliterno “There are tremendous resources here, with the botanical
garden, the symphony, the opera, yet the cost of living is something you would
expect to see in a small town. “
Dr. Everett McCorvey: “So there is a lot to see in Lexington and in the
Commonwealth of Kentucky…if people have not been here, it is absolutely worth
the effort to come and see it.“
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