CNN Cold War #20 Soldiers of God, 1975 –...

Cold War
World Hist. II
Mr. Aiello
CNN Cold War #20 Soldiers of God, 1975 – 1988
1. How many people are estimated to have died in the Afghanistan conflict?
2. Why was Afghanistan a focus for the Cold War rivalry?
3. Why did the Muslims oppose communism?
4. What is the mujahideen? What did they want?
5. How did the United States and the United Nations react to the Soviet Union’s invasion?
6. What role did Pakistan play in this conflict?
7. What was President Ronald Reagan’s view of communism?
8. Who was the new Soviet premier? What was his response to the UN peace plan?
9. Briefly describe some of the atrocities committed by both sides during this conflict.
Discussion question: Why is Afghanistan called the “Soviet Union’s Vietnam”?