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To: Admission department, Hochschule Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences
Subject: Dissertation Exposé
Usage of social media and its effect on women’s culture in Afghanistan
Introduction: The topic that I have chosen is because after spending four decades of war a country
like Afghanistan has gone through a lot and few years after defeating Taliban regime the age of
technology (3G and 4G) mobile internet was introduced in Afghanistan and youths become users of
social media (Facebook, twitter and Instagram) specifically most of the women of Afghanistan started
using of social media in secret from their parents, siblings and relatives, because using of social
media by women are prohibited by most families in the country and is considered a bad thing among
them and the users keep their identity hidden or use false identities.
Research Questions: The followings are the research questions;
1- On what extend the women can benefit from social media in the development of
2- How does the social media can affect the culture of its users (women)?
3- Why using of social media is considered a bad act among women in Afghanistan?
4- Why women are not free by choosing their media needs according to their will?
The Method: The researcher will conduct a qualitative research by observing the recipients and
discover more information on the given research questions.
Theoretical framework: Two theories which will be used to assist the researcher are as following;
1- Agenda setting theory
2- Uses and gratification theory
In the context of the proposed topic, agenda setting theory is the main aspect of the study to
determine whether social media effective tool to counter agenda setting.
Uses and gratification theory will provide the insight to how social media is consumed and it is one of
those theories which can be used to counter the effect of agenda setting theory.
Ahmad Abid Azimi,