FINAL EXAM WORLD HISTORY REVIEW 1.Founder of the Hebrew people

1.Founder of the Hebrew people
2.Led the Hebrews out of Egypt
3.Promise land for the Hebrews
4.Hebrews history can be found
5.The chief in India was called
6.The two belief systems found in India are:
7._____ means “The Enlightened One”
8.The Great Wall is
9.The Olympic Games were held to honor
10.____________ was the King of the Gods.
11.The Olympic games were held every _____________
12.____________ was the birthplace of democracy.
13._______________ focused on its military strength.
14.All of the following except were philosophers of Greece.
15.Caesar was made dictator for
16.Fearing Caesar’s power, the Senate
17.A Roman would go to the Circus Maximus to see
18.A Roman would go to the Coliseum to see
19.___________ was the official language for the Roman Empire.
20.The teachings of Jesus can be found in the
21.The books written by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are referred to as the
22.Christianity believes in
23.______________ was the supreme leader over patriarchs
24._____________ was the leader of the Huns.
25.____________ is a narrow strip of water found between Asia and Alaska.
26.___________ are cone shaped dwellings used by the Great Plains people.
27.____________ is one of the world’s largest lakes found in Africa.
28.Mt. Kilimanjaro is found in
29.Buffalo were sacred animals of the
30.The official religion of Russia was
31.Ivan the Terrible got his name when he killed his
32.The czar is the
33.The official language of Islam is
34.Allah is the name of
35.Muhammad was the name of
36.Muhammad taught ______________ toward Jews, Christianity and other religions.
37.Muslims living in Spain were called
38.The Thousand and One Nights include all except
39.Marco Polo became the European representative for ________________
40.Shinto is the religion found in ______________________
41.Peasants were called
42.The middle Ages is a time after the fall of
43.The basic unit of Feudalism is
44.Page, and squires are steps to become
45.______________ elect the pope.
46.The inquisition was
47._________ became money lenders because they could not own land.
48.The ________________ resulted in a lack of labor and higher wages.
49.________________ was the language of educated people.
50._____________________ created movable type printing press
51.Renaissance began in ____________
52.Knowledge of classical Greek and __________ became the mark of an educated person.
53.____________ was an inventor as well as a painter, painting such things as The Last Supper, and
the Mona Lisa
54.________________ transformed well known stories into dramatic play such as Hamlet, Romeo
and Juliet and Macbeth.
55.The Protestant Reformation was an era of ________________ revolution.
56.The Reformation was a break from ___________________
57.Luther’s beliefs became known as ____________________
58.The Catholic Church ____________ Martin Luther.
59.Another name for the Anglican Church was ____________________
60._________________ became and important skill for Protestants so they could find their on way to
Christian faith.
61.All of the following were reasons for explorations except:
62.King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella financed the voyage for ________________________
63.The Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maris were the ships for ______________________
64.Columbus thought he was in _________________________ and called the natives Indians.
65._________________________ was the first to sail around the world.
66.____________________________________ claimed Florida for Spain.
67._____________________ conquered the Aztecs.
68._____________________ became the most powerful country because of the gold found in the
land that they claimed.
69.The Middle Passage became known as the transportation of ____________________
70.New Hampshire, Conn., Mass., and Rhode Island made-up the ___________ colonies
71.New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Penn. made up the _______________ colonies.
72.NC, SC, Virginia, Georgia, and Maryland made-up the ____________ colonies.
73.Pilgrims and Puritans settled _________________
74.____________________ was an agreement between the Pilgrims that helped establish a
democratic society.
75.Self-governed, Bible based, small communities, subsistence farming and best educated describes
_________________ colonies.
76.___________________ was the first English colony also known as the Lost Colony.
77.____________________ was the first successful English colony led by John Smith.
78.Georgia was led by J. Oglethorpe and served as a buffer between Spanish and English colonies
and a place to send __________________
79.Plantations, agriculture, few towns, and the least educated people could be found in the
__________________ colonies.
80.Roanoke Island was located in ___________________
81.Jamestown was located in _________________________
82.____________________’s colonies covered Central and South America.
83._________________’s colonies were located in Canada, Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico.
84.______________________________ was a direct tax on almost the colonist bought.
85._________________________________________ was the first battle of the Revolution when the
British tried to capture weapons.
86._______________________________________ was appointed commander-in-chief.
87._____________________________ established the colonies as an independent country.
88.Declaration of Independence was written by _____________________________
89.All of the following rights were found in the DOI except __________________________
90.According to the Social Contract found in the DOI, if the govt. becomes abusive it is the people’s
duty to _______________________________________________
91.___________________________________ was the philosopher that developed the idea of
natural rights; life, liberty and property.
92.__________________________________ was the philosophers that believed that if the people’s
basic rights were ignored that the ruler should be overthrown.
93.The turning point of the war was __________________________________
94.The war came to an end at _________________________________
95.The _________________________________ was the first national Constitution.
96.The ___________________________________ replaced the Articles of Confederation.
97._____________________________ added to the Constitution to protect the rights of the people.
98.____________________ Estate was made up of the clergy.
99._______________ was the French king that was beheaded.
100.Versailles was the French ___________________
101.The Divine Rights of Kings is the belief that only certain families could rule because of _____
102.Curing the French Rev. the people stormed the ___________ to get weapons.
103.________________ became the emperor of France by taking the crown from the Pope.
104.The guillotine was a ____________________
105.________________________ increased industrialization in America by developing cotton gin
and interchangeable parts.
106.In the US the Industrial Revolution began in ________________________
107.The Industrial Revolution started in the _____________________ industry.
108.__________________ invented the telephone.
109._________________________ wrote “A Christmas Carol” protesting the working conditions.
110._______________________ invented the light bulb.
111._____________________ wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin.
112.________________________ was a transcendentalist who wrote “Civil Disobedience”
113.____________________________ developed commercially successful automobile, Model T
114._____________________________ invented wireless telegraph, radio
115.__________________________ invented the airplane.
116.Townshend, McCormick, Tull and Deere all made improvements in ________________
117.Bell, Marconi, and Morse all made improvements in ____________________
118.Bessemer, Flying shuttle, spinning jenny and water power loom all made improvements in
119.Darwin, Fleming, Jenner, Lister, Pasture and Mendel made improvements in _____
120.Grimm Brothers, Cooper, Irving, Hawthorne, Poe, and Hemingway were all know as
121.The Industrial Revolution began in ________________
122.laissez-faire economics means that ____________ stays out of business
123.____________________ was the father of communism.
124._____________________ was father of capitalism
125.Industrial Revolution occurred when ____________________________
126.If supply is low and demand is high the price will be _____
127._____________________ made improvements in education.
128.___________________________ fight against the use of alcohol.
129._____________________ is names of union members to keep people from finding a job.
130.AFL allowed ______________________________________________
131.Suffragettes worked for ___________________________________________
132.Seneca Falls Convention worked for _________________________________________
133.The movement to end slavery was called ________________________________
134.Underground Railroad was a network that helped _______________________________
135.Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote a book describing _______________________________
136.__________________________ was elected in 1860 which caused the Southern states to leave
the country.
137._____________ Amendment ended slavery.
138.______________________ Amendment gave African Americans citizenship
139._______________________ Amendment gave African American male the right to vote.
140.The US had to overthrow Queen Liliuokalani to gain control of _____________________
141.The destruction of the Maine resulted in ___________________________________
142.Spanish-American War was fought in Cuba and _________________________
143.The Rough Riders were __________________________________________________
144._______________ won the Spanish-American War.
145.The __________________ was important to increase the movement between the Atlantic and
Pacific Ocean.
146.The Triple Entente included
147.The Triple Alliance included
148.Why did the US enter WWI?
149.Pres. Wilson hoped that the League of Nations would?
150.Because of the “Bonus Army” episode in 1932, Pre. Hoover
151.A major purpose for the creation of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) during the
1930’s was to
152.The term “flapper” refers to
153.Which Amendment gave women the right to vote?
154.Which group of people marched on Washington to demand money from the gov't?
155.What was the name of the policies that Roosevelt campaigned on?
156.Type of government that evolved in Germany and Italy after WW I ?
157.What was the diplomatic position taken by the US in the years just prior to WW II?
158.What nation did Germany attack to begin WW II?
159.The Munich Pact, which, according to Neville Chamberlain, meant “peace in our time,” was an
example of which of the following?
160.The D-Day invasion occurred in which nation?
161.The war in the Pacific involved a difficult
162.What was the turning point battle of the Pacific War?
163.The Manhattan Project
164.Who wrote Mein Kampf?
165.The term “Final Solution” refers to what?
166.Who succeeded Roosevelt as President of the United States before the war ended?
167.Victory against Japan came after
168. What policies did European leaders use to try and contain the aggressive politics of Hitler’s
169.Truman’s decision to use the atomic bomb turned on his desire to
170.Which organization was formed by eleven allied nations to discourage Soviet aggression and
avoid war in 1949?
171.By the Truman Doctrine the US pledged
172.In the Marshall Plan, the US pledged
173.The Cuban Missile Crisis ended when
174.The Berlin Airlift allowed the:
175.What country in the Western Hemisphere was a hot spot during the Cold War?
176.Nuclear arms race, Creation of Warsaw Pact, Berlin Airlift relate to which of the following:
177.At the end of WW II, the Allies split control of what city?
178.The economic plan to help rebuild the war torn areas was called
179.This policy stated that the U.S. would try to stop the spread of communism?
180.Which man was the communist leader of China?
181.What organization was created by Western Allies to oppose the Soviets?
182.Cold War refers to tensions between
183.Why was General Douglas MacArthur relieved of his command?
184.Which era is best defined with these terms: Tonkin Gulf Resolution, Americanization, Tet
Offensive, doves, hawks, hippies, Pentagon Papers?
185.Where were Soviet nuclear missile sites discovered by satellite pictures in October 1962?
186.The greatest troop escalation of the Vietnam war was undertaken by President
187.The primary purpose of the War Powers Act is to:
188.Which of the following was a walled “hot spot” in the cold war period?
189.What actions were responsible for US involvement in Vietnam?
190.What event would Kennedy probably have considered the most dangerous Cold War
confrontation in his presidency?
191.Who was the Communist leader in Vietnam?
192.The great pyramids were
193.The Torah is
194.The two great river systems in the Americas are
195.Eastern Woodland peoples are noted for
196.The Black Death was spread by
197.Galileo proved Copernicus correct with the aid of a
198.Christopher Columbus intended to
199.Russia was open to revolution because
200.In general, the Treaty of Versailles