World War I and Beyond Chapter 28 Reading Guide

World War I and Beyond
Chapter 28 Reading Guide
1. What were the causes of World War I?
2. What were the two alliances set up before the war? What event sparked the war?
3. What was the war like? How was it so different from previous wars in history? Why was it a
world war?
4. What was the Eastern Front? What was the Western Front?
5. What was happening back at home?
6. Where/why was the war fought outside Europe?
7. How did the war end? What did the Treaty of Versailles say?
8. What leads to the new nationalist movements after the war?
9. Who was the major leader of the Indian movement? Describe the Indian nationalist movement.
10. Describe the move toward independence in Egypt.
11. What were other nationalist movements in the Middle East like?
12. What was going on in Africa post-WWI?