The Age of Chivalry Pages 327 -331

The Age of Chivalry
Warriors on Horseback
1. How did stirrups change the technology of warfare?
Pages 327 -331
2. How did feudal lords pay knights?
3. Describe some obligations and activities of the knight
4. What are caltrops and what were they used for? (look
at the pictures and caption)
Knighthood and Chivalry
1. What is chivalry?
2. Who is the knight devoted to?
3. What happened to a knight who disregarded the code
of chivalry
4. Describe what a castle under siege (attack) was like.
The Literature of Chivalry
1. How did themes of medieval literature downplay the
brutality of knighthood and feudal warfare?
2. What is an Epic and describe the Song of Roland.
Eleanor of Aquitaine
The Shifting Role of Women
1. As feudalism developed, what
happened to the role of women?
What were some of her roles?
3. Who were troubadours and what did they compose?
4. Who is Eleanor of Aquitaine and who did she give birth
2. Under the feudal system, what could noblewomen do?
3. How did noblewomen defend castles?
4. Why was Eleanor of Aquitaine an exception from falling
women's status?
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