Sperm and ovum unite; also known as fertilization 1. conception

Parenting Week 6 Vocabulary- Words of the Week 9/29-10/3
1. conception
2. embryo
Sperm and ovum unite; also known as fertilization
The developing baby from about the third week of
pregnancy through the eighth week
3. fetus
The final stage of pregnancy from the ninth month
until birth
4. food allergies
An immune system response to a food that the body
perceives as harmful
5. food poisoning
Results from eating foods that contain bacteria or their
toxic byproducts
Once a month a woman’s egg is released from the
A woman’s egg
The period during which a fertilized egg grows and
develops into a human being inside the mother’s body
A period of about three months
Fertilized human egg; the zygote stage lasts from
conception to two weeks
6. ovulation
7. ovum
8. pregnancy
9. trimester