page 1 Workplace specific skills – skills needed for employment success.

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3.02 definitions – Exploring Career Decisions
Foundation skills – skills needed by everyone and developed early in life.
Workplace specific skills – skills needed for employment success.
Transferable skills – The general skills used in school and in various types of jobs.
Basic skills – reading, writing, and math skills.
Personal qualities – responsibility, self-esteem, scalability, self-management, honesty
Thinking skills – Creativity, decision making, problem solving, visualizing, knowing how
to learn, and reasoning.
Resources – time, money, materials, and human resources.
Scans skills – a set of skills necessary for success in the world of work.
Non-verbal skills – Communicating without the use of words.
Adaptability skills – Adjusting to company changes.
Communication skills – Verbal and non-verbal expression of ideas and information.
Listening skills – paying attention to what is being said.
Problem-solving skills – Resolving problems appropriately.
Decision-making skills – A series of steps used to identify and evaluate choices in order
to arrive at a decision.
Organizing and planning skills – steps needed to successfully complete a task.
Teamwork skills – working well with others toward a common goal.
Technology skills – Learning to use different types of computers and software.
Body language – Communicating using gestures, posture, and eye contact.
Ethically – Expected rules for behavior (honesty and fair).
Cooperation – Working in a positive way with others.
Initiative - Doing what needs to be done without having to be told.
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Discrimination – Unequal treatment based on judging or stereotyping others.
Equal Opportunity Employers – Employer that does not discriminate based on gender,
age, race, religion, national origin, or disability.