1 Block Presentation Schedule: Monday 5/16 Wednesday 5/18

1st Block Presentation Schedule:
Monday 5/16
Wednesday 5/18
Friday 5/20
Tim, Chris, Thomas—
Bacterial growth/chlorine
John, Ben, Ron—
Stomatal density
Matt, Emily, Nya, Ariana—
Leaf disk assay
Jenna, Olivia, Kaleigh—
Advil dissolution
Brianna, Amy, Ameenah—
Bioluminescent bacteria in various
Brian, Karteek, Gerrid—
Effect of yeast on basil growth
Collin, Josh, Aditya—
Effect of music on athletic
2nd Block Presentation Schedule:
Monday 5/16
Wednesday 5/18
Friday 5/20
Kori, Gage, Maddie M.—
Comparison of stress effect on gender
Rohit & Kartik—
The effect of amoxicilian on E. coli
Lauren & Joe—
Effect of heat of protein denaturation
Nayana, Sneha, Maddie O.—
Effect of spices on E. coli growth
Seb, Matt, Ryan—
Effect of water source on snail health
Dan, Juan, Max—
Effect of different light on plant growth
Chloe & Alex—
Effect of pineapple juice enzyme on
gelatin dissolution
Maddie H. & Kassandra—
Effect of different detergents on DNA
5th Block Presentation Schedule:
Tuesday 5/17
Thursday 5/19
Sana, Pragnya, Ria—
Effect of Gatorade pigments on light absorption
Mattie, Carolyn, Kaden—
Effect of pH on cell size
Matt, Ibrahim, Anirudh—
Effect of various disinfectants on bacterial growth
Raymond & James—
Effect of video games on reaction time
Emily & Julianna—
Effect of caffeine on human heart rate
Sara, Jessica, Sam—
Effect of homemade vs. store-bought food on fish growth
Azaan, Cassie, Satvika—
Effect of antifungal solution on strawberry mold growth
Anna & Kiley —
Effect of different foods on planaria regeneration
Aniketh & Ali—
Effect of caffeine on planaria regeneration
Matt & Mason —
Effect of carbohydrates on vertical jump height
After school:
Casey & Isha—
Effect of age on response time
8th Block Presentation Schedule:
Tuesday 5/17
Thursday 5/19
Maria, Victoria, Sathvika—
Effect of salinity on salt tolerant plants
Anand, Zain, Ansel—
Effect of temperature on antibiotic resistance in gram
negative vs. gram positive bacteria
Jillian & Daniel—
Effect of food type on cellular respiration in humans
Alex, Zac, Alex—
Effect of oxidative stress on telomeres and aging
Ashley, Julia, Sapna—
Effect of disinfectants on bacteria
Liam, Rohith, Kalvin—
Effect of soil type on plant growth
Leah, Jacob, Oreo—
Effect of music type on heart rate
Will, Zach, Duncan—
Effect of long-term drumming on hearing
Soo, Sania, Sanaa—
Effect of coffee grounds on plant growth