Matt Pass Bio

Matt Pass Bio
Matt Pass was born and raised around New York, colleged for a while in Binghamton
NY studying math, then transitioned to Bloomington Indiana for a chunk of time
studying voice and singing medieval, renaissance and modern music. Still managing
to get a degree in math along with music, Matt headed back east to live in NYC
where he discovered shaping his sounds through pedal electronics and homemade
instruments. After tussling for years with the constant positive/negative NYC
energies, he and his family upped and moved westward to the foothill region of the
Rockies in Colorado. Here he performs in Denver and creates sound pieces in his
Lafayette home basement music playground, while teaching basic math classes on
the ground and online.
Matt has become adept in sound improvisation, having played solos, duos and with
sound collectives in various nooks and crannies of NYC and other North American
cities. He revels in working and playing with group soundscapes, where he adds
sound spices and herbs to enhance the overall aural environment while encouraging
variety and the occasional stillness of quietude.
Matt has recently created several sound installations that accompany fabric artist
Michele Vitale Loughlin's works, where he explores the interaction between sound,
physical materials and the observer/participant's resonance with the space around
them and within.
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