8 Grade 8.ICR.3.1 Explain the health, legal, financial, and social consequences of

8th Grade
Explain the health, legal, financial, and social consequences of
adolescent and unintended pregnancy and the advantage of
delaying parenthood.
Health Consequences
 Teen moms less likely to receive
early and regular prenatal care
than an older mother
 Premature birth
 Low birth weight
 Premature/difficult labor
 Anemia
 High blood pressure
Legal Consequences
 Legal age of consent (issue of statutory rape)
 Questions about paternity
 Child support
 Child custody
Reality Check
 Only 41% of teenage mothers
complete high school, making it
less likely they will qualify for a
well-paying job.
 Teen moms are more likely to
abuse/neglect their child
 Nearly 80% of teen fathers of
children born to teen mothers do
not marry the mothers.
 Teen fathers pay less than $800
child support for the lifetime of the
Reality Check 2
 Teen mothers are more likely to . . .
 Require assistance from family and
 Have conflict with family and father over
parenting the child
 Lose friends due to child/family
How Much?
 How much do you think
it costs to provide for a
baby in the first year?
 Write this amount on
your handout.
 Your job is to research
the cost of providing for
a baby for the first year.
Taking Care of a Baby
[24/7 Responsibilities]
Things I would have to do if I had
a baby:
Amount of time it would take:
Feed baby every 2-3 hours
25 minutes, at least 8 times a day
Make baby’s formula
20 minutes per day
Change diapers every time the baby is
fed and when needed
5-20 minutes, 8-10 times per day
Give the baby a bath
30 minutes each day
Do the laundry
1 hour each day
Go grocery shopping
1 hour every Saturday
Play with baby
30 minutes, 4 times a day
Work part-time to help support the baby
4 hours every Saturday
Pay bills
1 hour every Saturday