Causes of WWII Axis Countries Allies Countries

Causes of WWII
Causes of WWII
Axis Countries
Germany  Adolf Hitler
Italy  Benito Mussolini
Japan  Hideki Tojo
Allies Countries
United States  Franklin D. Roosevelt and
later, Harry Truman
Great Britain  Winston Churchill
Soviet Union (after being invaded by
Germany)  Joseph Stalin
Canada  Don’t have to know the leader
1. Political instability and economic devastation in Europe resulting from World War I
×Worldwide depression
×High war debt owed by Germany
×High inflation
×Massive unemployment
2.Rise of Fascism
×Fascism is a political philosophy in which total power is given to a dictator and
individual freedoms are denied
×Fascist dictators included Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, and Hideki Tojo
×These dictators led the countries that became known as the Axis Countries
×The Democratic Nations (United States, Great Britain, and Canada) were known as the
×The Soviet Union was not a democratic country but they joined the Allies after they were
invaded by Germany.