The Emergence of Industrial Society in the West

The Emergence of Industrial Society in the West
Chapter 23 Reading Guide
1. Why do the authors say that the Industrial Revolution was as important in history as the
Neolithic revolution? In other words, what major changes came about as a result of the
Industrial Era? (you may want to answer this one when you finish the chapter  )
2. What forces of change prompted the American and French Revolutions?
3. Describe the French Revolution. Causes, Major events and people, Outcomes
4. What was Napoleon’s effect on France and Europe?
5. How did the conservatives attempt to restore the balance of power?
6. Why did the 1848 revolutions break out and what did they achieve?
7. What role did nationalism play in European politics after 1848?
What are the origins of the Industrial Revolution?
9. How did family life change during the Industrial Era?
10. How did Western culture change in the 19th century?
11. What advances occurred in the sciences and arts?
12. What factors led to the rise of the United States?
13. What role did the United States play in world history?
14. What enclaves of Western culture arose outside of Europe?
15. What developments led to the outbreak of World War I?