Westward Expansion Vocabulary Word Meaning

Westward Expansion Vocabulary
Try to understand what something means, "I
couldn't interpret her behavior."
Translate one language into another as it is
being spoken, "He interpreted all the
Chinese words for us."
Ensure observance of laws and rules; "Apply
the rules to everyone";
Compel to behave in a certain way; "Social
relations impose courtesy"
Come out of a hidden place, "She emerged
from behind the sofa."
Become known, "It finally emerged that she
had been lying."
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An area that you believe to be your own,
"She was in my territory."
Land that is part of or ruled by a particular
country, "You are now in home territory."
The act of contracting or assuming or
acquiring possession of something; "the
acquisition of wealth"; "the acquisition of
one company by another"
Something acquired; "a recent acquisition
by the museum"
The cognitive process of acquiring skill or
knowledge; "the child's acquisition of
An ability that has been acquired by training
Someone who organizes a business venture
and assumes the risk for it
The result of an action, "I knew the
consequences would be bad, but I had no
other choice."
The end result of earlier actions. "Passing
her exam was the consequence of her
studying hard"
Capable of reproducing
Intellectually productive; "a prolific writer";
"a fecund imagination"
Bearing in abundance especially offspring;
"flying foxes are extremely prolific"; "a
prolific pear tree"
Marked by great fruitfulness; "fertile
farmland"; "a fat land"; "a productive
vineyard"; "rich soil"
Foster the growth of
Prepare for crops; "Work the soil"; "cultivate
the land"
Teach or refine to be discriminative in taste
or judgment; "Cultivate your musical taste";
"Train your tastebuds"; "She is well
schooled in poetry"
Adapt (a wild plant or unclaimed land) to
the environment; "domesticate oats"; "tame
the soil"
The quality of being productive or having
the power to produce
(Economics) the ratio of the quantity and
quality of units produced to the labor per
unit of time
Self powered vehicle used for pulling or
pushing a train, "In days gone by all
locomotives were powered by steam".
Relating to locomotive; a self powered
vehicle pulling or pushing a train, "A
locomotive engineer".
A legal right guaranteed by the 15th
amendment to the US Constitution;
guaranteed to women by the 19th
amendment; "American women got the vote
in 1920"
Prevent someone from having something
that they need or want, "You cannot deprive
people of their basic needs."
A series of activities with a certain aim in
mind, "A political campaign."
Take part in a campaign, "He campaigned
for animal rights."
A person who pleads for a cause or
propounds an idea
A lawyer who pleads cases in court
Push for something; "The travel agent
recommended strongly that we not travel on
Thanksgiving Day"
Speak, plead, or argue in favor of; "The
doctor advocated a smoking ban in the
entire house"