Globalization is the linking of nations through trade, information, technologies, and communication.
How have American policies affected people both in the United States and in other countries?
Modern America - Foreign Policy
 Increase in terrorist activities
EX: September 11, 2001 attack
 Conflicts in the Middle East
EX: US military action in Iraq and
 Changing relationships with nations
EX: Increased trade with China, availability
of a wide variety of foreign-made goods and
services, job outsourcing
Modern America – Global Environment
Policies to protect the environment
EX: Recycling Programs
Global Climate Change
EX: Changing weather patterns
Conservation of water and other natural
Modern America – Immigration
 Changing immigration patterns
EX: Since 1965, increase of Hispanic Americans
and Asian Americans
 More people want to immigrate to the United
States than are allowed by law.
EX: Immigration levels exceed quotas set by the
US government.
Modern America – World Health and Energy Issues
Energy issues
EX: Dependence on foreign oil
World Health Issues
EX: Global Pandemics – worldwide diseases