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20 February 2019
Research Essay Source Sheet
Source Type: Online Article
What subtopic does this article belong to: Legal Immigration System Reform
Title of Article: These Three Changes Would Drastically Improve Our Immigration System
Title of Website: The Heritage Foundation
Author: David Inserra
Date of Publication: January 31st, 2018
Date of Access: February 18th, 2019
Publisher: The Heritage Foundation
Page Numbers: N/A
““While reunifying immediate family members (spouses and children) should remain a priority
of the immigration system, our current system allows single immigrant to secure green cards for
his or her parents and siblings, making it possible for an extensive web of external family
members to relocate to the U.S.””
““…the status quo ignores potential immigrants who have skills, education, and capital to invest
in the U.S.””
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““…employment-based green cards. By using the market to determine those who will provide
the most benefits to the American economy, an employment-based system is clearly in the best
interest of the U.S.””
This article points out flaws in the United States Immigration system, with practical reasons
backing up these claims. I can dig deeper to find more about these problems and how to fix them,
providing me with lots of valuable information on this particular subtopic. There is information
within this article that can be used on my subtopics of the subtopics that I have listed on my
project proposal sheet: Finding a path of citizenship for DACA recipients, Ending of chain
migration, The adoption of an employment- based immigration system, and The Elimination of
the diversity visa program. Additionally, there are links that can be related to other articles that
will help me with different aspects of my research paper.