Key terms - Modern American History

Key terms
By: Matthew Wilson
Cold War
• -an era of high tension and bitter rivalry
between the U.S. and the Soviet Union
Iron Curtain
• - term coined by Winston Churchill in 1946,
imaginary line dividing communist countries
• Policy that the U.S. adopted in 1946 to stop
the spread of communism
Berlin Airlift
• Program in which the U.S. and Britain shipped
supplies by air to West Berlin
Baby Boom
• A dramatic rise in birthrate after World War
Joseph McCarthy
• U.S. senator from Wisconsin who gained
national fame
• The name critics gave to J.C.’s tactic of
spreading fear and making baseless charges
Nikita Khrushchev
• Leader of soviet union during building of
Berlin Wall
Warsaw Pact
• A military alliance established in 1955 of the
soviet union dominated countries
Eisenhower Doctrine
• Declared the right of the U.S. to help on
request any nation of the middle east.